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Elderly Assessment Team

The Elderly Assessment Team is a specialist multi-disciplinary team dedicated to supporting and strengthening services throughout the trust. The key principles behind the introduction of the Elderly Assessment Team are to ensure older people have access to the specialist skills and experience of a Geriatrician and a multi disciplinary team. Early multi disciplinary assessment involves early identification of problems and initiation of treatment in response to a crisis to quickly restore health, independence and well-being. Timely interventions and signposting to required services, not only improve outcomes for older people, reducing the risk of delirium, prevention of long term decline in function but also reduces length of hospital stay which aims to restore quality of life by people receiving appropriate care in their own environment. The Elderly Assessment Team provides an advocacy service for patients to ensure that they are at the centre of decisions relating to their care, treatment and discharge arrangements. Providing clarity in these circumstances ensures that the correct decisions are taken at the right time and consequently reduces length of stay.

The Elderly Assessment Team are familiar with the expectations of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Code of Practice and are able to apply this into clinical practice to ensure decision making within MEHT is consistent within the legal framework, they are also currently responsible for supporting the Adult Safeguarding CNS to deliver the Adult Safeguarding service within MEHT. This includes providing advice, support and education to staff regarding all safeguarding, mental capacity act and deprivation of liberty safeguards issues. The Elderly Assessment Team is responsible for implementation and delivery of the Dementia Service. All members of the team have expertise in supporting staff to deliver the effective and safe care for patients with dementia.

Aims of the Elderly Assessment Team

  • Early specialist MDT assessment and intervention

  • Provide person-centred care

  • To provide immediate advocacy for vulnerable adults to ensure patients are empowered to make decisions for themselves regarding their care and discharge.

  • Meet complex needs in a coordinated way

  • Improve person’s experience of emergency care through the principles of “dignity in care”

  • Discharge planning initiated on admission to urgent care environment

  • To provide support and teaching on MCA & DoLS

  • To support the Safeguarding CNS

  • To support the Dementia Specialist


Team members

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Consultant Nurse

  • Elderly Care Physicians

  • Health Care Assistant

  • Occupational therapist

  • Older Peoples Assessment Nurses

  • Social worker

  • Speech and Language Therapist (to be appointed)

  • Therapy assistant