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Enhanced Recovery Programme

The Enhanced Recovery Programme at MEHT has been running alongside the colorectal department since 2010 shortly after orthopaedics set up the service alongside the existing Liaison service. Urology patients that are having kidney removal have been given the enhanced service since November 2012 and Gynaecology started offering all hysterectomy ladies the service in spring of 2013.

Reduces pain with anaesthetic techniques and medication to suit the patient.

Uses minimally invasive surgical techniques where possible such as laparoscopic and robotic techniques

Supports and encourages early movement and activity such as walks four times a day from day one, with the support of the physiotherapy staff until the patient is safe and happy to mobilise independently.

We remove drips, drains and catheters as early as possible so that the patient is bale to mobilise and be independent as soon as possible

By reducing post operative nausea and vomiting by managing patient’s fluid balance from the day of operation. With drinking and eating as soon as if safe to do so and with medication, patients get better sooner and have a reduced stay in hospital.

The Enhanced recovery Programme is embedded within existing services and offered by those services as a routine for certain procedures.

Patients are encouraged to participate and fully involve themselves with the Enhanced Recovery Programme they are supported to maintain independence. All patients are followed up and audited to continually grow and improve the service.


Enhanced Recovery supports and enhances patient’s recovery from major surgery within the colorectal, urology, gynaecology and orthopaedic specialities. This is started during the pre-operative period and patients are given carbohydrate loading drinks and nutritional drinks to help prepare their body for the surgery. During their anaesthetic and surgery the patient is monitored using highly detailed monitoring and they receive effective and efficient anaesthesia that is specifically targeted.

Post operatively the patient is actively encouraged to walk four times a day for 60 metres at a time and they are able and supported to start eating and drinking on the day of surgery. Analgesia is a high priority and the acute pain service visits and monitors the patient to ensure they are able to be as comfortable as possible. All patients that are going to have one of the procedure that ERP currently covers are automatically entered onto the programme despite previous medical history or illness all our patients are treated individually but all are offered the same opportunity to enhanced their recovery.


Where the service is located?

The Enhanced Recovery Programme Office is located in South wing B346


Who works in the service?

The service currently has 1 full time clinical nurse specialist, who co-ordinates and leads the service. All staff within the individual specialities and theatres, out patients, physiotherapy and dietics has an active role in the service and this is supported by pharmacy and radiology.


Contact details:

Sarah Angel-Everett 01245 515831, Bleep #65552019 or email sarah.angel@meht.nhs.uk


Information leaflets for staff:

Are availiable on the staff intranet along with training materials.


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The link below will take you to a video showing a patients view and experiences of enhanced recovery: