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Welcome to Phoenix Ward

“Staff are welcoming, friendly, helpful and polite.

The hospital is amazing and the facilities excellent.

Nothing is too much trouble, staff go the extra mile.

The attention I received was world class.

My child loves the play area.”

I wanted to extend a warm welcome to both you and your child should you need to visit us here on Phoenix Ward, located at E122 in the east wing of Broomfield Hospital.

On arrival, you will be met by one of our receptionists Claire, Julie or Sarah; they will direct you to the most appropriate area of the ward.

We have an eight bedded Assessment Unit, co-located within Phoenix ward which is a 24 hour facility for the assessment and treatment of children who require urgent paediatric care. Children are referred here for medical/surgical reasons and for the following specialities Ear Nose and Throat, Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedic and Maxilla Facial surgery. The unit is staffed by an experienced senior nursing team. There are eight beds, two triage rooms, a treatment room and a waiting room. 

The assessment unit is often very busy as we accept referrals 24/7 however staff do their best to ensure children are seen as quickly as they can be whilst waiting for doctors to make their assessment and plan of treatment.

Phoenix is a Paediatric ward with 24 in-patient beds. A variety of specialities and conditions are cared for on the ward and the following Consultants care for both (elective) planned and trauma (emergency) children -

General Surgeons - Mr Ross, Mr Tang, Mr Richardson, Mr Browne, Mr Pearson, Mr Kadirkamanathan. Mr Jayanthi, Mr Charalampopulos, Mr Pironidis, Mr Lorenzi, Mr Hammond, Ms Conn, Mr Siddiqi. 

Orthopaedic Surgeons - Mr Lyall, Mr Palmer, Mr Tuite, Mr Taylor, Mr Williams, Mr Rees, Mr Russell, Mr Macdowell, Mr Datta and Mr Martin.

Plastic Surgeons - Mr Dziewulski, Mr Elliot ,Mr Iwuagwu, Ms Zweifel, Mr Mathur, Mr Banwell, Mr Mopuri, Mr El-Mutardi, Mr Niranjan, Mr Philp, Mr Ramakrishnan ,Mr Sood, Miss Sirotakova, Mr Tare, Mr Griffiths, Mr Morris, Miss Tzafetta, Mr Morgan, Mr Ahmad, Mr Kangesu, Mr Sierakowski

Maxillo Facial - Mr Liggins

Ear Nose and Throat Surgeons - Ms Harding and others from ENT hub.

Paediatricians - Dr Lim, Dr Thomas, Dr Agrawal, Dr Joseph, Dr Muthumeenal, Dr Datta, Dr Hassan, Dr Nambiar, Dr Ottayil, Dr Lethaby and Dr Cyriac.

Our patients can be elective admissions or be admitted from Accident and Emergency, their GP or another referring hospital. We also give children with complex needs PDA cards (Patient Direct Access or yellow cards) and these children can be self-referred to our assessment unit.

We provide specialist hand surgery and plastic surgery for the whole of Essex, North east London, East Herts, South Suffolk and South Cambridgeshire, nearly 4 million people. We work very closely with the Accident and Emergency which is on the second floor of the PFI building.

We also work with Great Ormond Street in undertaking cleft surgery and with Addenbrookes and UCLH (University College London Hospital) in providing cancer care for children.

The Matron for Children’s Services is Melanie Chambers ext. 2629 or pager #65553541. Mel Hodge is the Senior Sister ext. 3473 

Other members of the multi-disciplinary team include - Physiotherapists, Clinical facilitator for high dependency care - Mary Stebbens. Dietician Jane Pearce, Epilepsy Nurse Specialist Donna Shepherd, Cleft Nurse Specialists Jill Bailey and Peri Codling, Pharmacists Claire Fitzgerald and Suzanne Giles, Play Specialists Sue Hursit and Leanne Ditch and a team of Psychotherapists.

We aim to provide high quality, individualised care and follow the nursing process in order to develop individualised nursing plans of care. When a patient is admitted to the ward, we assess their nursing care needs and carry out risk assessments in order to promote harm free care. The nursing documentation booklets will provide a framework to support this. These assessments will provide the relevant patient information to develop individualised care plans that will guide patient care within the nursing team.

We have a large team of trained Nursery Nurses and Play Specialists who assist in making a child’s experience a positive one and help both the child and their family during their stay on the ward.

The role of the Nursery Nurse
  • Developing play as a means of communicating information to children.
  • To provide a child friendly environment.
  • To maintain toys and play equipment.
  • To maintain patient records.
  • To support parents and other family members.
  • To provide information if needed.
  • To help with the daily care needs of the children.
  • To support my colleagues.
  • To provide toys and equipment to children in ITU.
  • To assist with dressing changes, baths and medical observations.
  • To follow up patients progress during their outpatients appointments.
  • To engage in stimulating activities with the children.
  • To liaise with members of multidisciplinary agencies within and outside of the NHS.


The role of Hospital Play Specialist 
  • Provide play to help children master and cope with anxieties and feelings.
  • Use play to prepare children for theatre or any hospital procedures.
  • Distract children during procedures i.e. dressing changes/ baths, blood tests.
  • Support families and siblings
  • Liaise with nursery/schools.
  • Work closely with other members of the multi-disciplinary team.
  • Provide play to help achieve developmental goals.
  • Contribute to clinical judgement through play-based observations.
  • Compile play programmes/ daily routines
  • Organise daily play and art activities both at children’s beds and in the  playroom.
  • Liaise with the hospital teacher and accompany the children to the classroom.
  • Help organise special events, i.e. parties, pantomimes, and days out.
  • To refer children to appropriate support networks.
  • Help teach the value of play for sick children.


The ward nurses are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) and hold a vital role throughout a child’s care journey from admission to discharge, we proactively work within the MDT to ensure that children’s high quality, safe care is achieved and discharge planning is effective and timely. 

We have a large room specifically designed for teenagers with pool, gaming, TV and music. We also have a sensory room for our younger children. We have a large outdoor play area with many activities including a pirate boat; a corner of this is for teenagers to have their own space. We have a designated school area and a teacher comes in each day to work with children of school age. 

As a ward we are always looking to improve so we encourage feedback on our teenage graffiti wall which is read and any issues actioned by Mel the Ward Sister. We also obtain feedback using our “Tops and Pants” board where younger children can tell us what they think about their stay; good or bad.

Parents can also feedback to us in the feedback books in our waiting room and parents room, Mel the ward sister reads these comments monthly and acts on any issues and feeds these back to both parents and staff. We receive a lot of positive feedback from our families.

Our visiting times are: 10:00-20:00 (Parents open visiting)

Our Mealtimes are: At midday and our protected mealtime is at 17:00

Our Contact number is: 01245 513256

The Team

Our ward team consists of:

Matron: Mel Chambers

Senior Sister: Mel Hodge

Band 6 Nurses x 10

Senior Staff Nurses x 10

Staff Nurses x 18

Nursery Nurses x 14

Health Care Assistants x 2

Play Specialists x 2

Housekeeper x 1

Ward Clerks x 3

Useful Information          
  • Commonly used abbreviations-a list of these is kept in the bedside folders.
  • There is a bedside folder with lots of useful information about the ward and the hospital.
  • Entrance to Phoenix is gained via a security door. All staff have an ID badge and should be wearing this at all times. Please state who you are and who you are with on entry to the ward and please do not let others into the ward when you come in.
  • Car Parking - You may only park in the designated areas. Parents can obtain a 24 hour permit, please go to the cashier’s office in the atrium to obtain this.
  • We have facilities for parents on the ward, a room to rest and enjoy a meal/hot drink and one parent/carer can stay overnight by their child’s bedside.