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Labour Ward/Birthing Unit: 

Women admitted to labour ward/Midwifery Led Birthing Unit to have one birth partner accompanying for assessment. To remain with woman during birth.

Women admitted to Labour Ward for reasons outside of Labour can have one person with them during admission.


Women coming in for Induction of Labour (IOL) to have a birth partner attend for start of IOL procedure and then return home. To be called back if women is transferred to Labour Ward or if contracting and needs support during this time.

Visiting on Antenatal ward for all inpatients will be a two hour allocated slot.

Partners accompanying for scans to continue as currently in place.


Visiting on Postnatal ward for all inpatients will be a two hour allocated slot.

Same visiting applied to Post Natal patients who remain on Labour ward.

All visitors to have details taken and temp checks on arrival and to wear face masks unless in a delivery room.


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We apologise for any distress this may cause but we are aiming to protect our mothers, babies and staff at this challenging time.

Thank you for your co-operation

Providing Maternity Services in Chelmsford, Braintree and Maldon

Telephone: 01245 362305 

We would like to welcome you to our maternity webpages. We hope you find all the information you will need to make your experience with us the best it can be.
Please click on a location below to find out more information about the maternity services provided.


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Would you like to have your baby at Mid Essex Hospital or Birthing Unit?

At Mid Essex, we want to provide you and your baby with the best possible care during your pregnancy.

To help us provide this care, we ask that you refer yourself for care as soon as you confirm your pregnancy (you can self-refer, no need to go to your GP to be referred for care from us, see below).

Public Health England recommended that all women access Maternity Care at the earliest opportunity (ideally before 10 weeks) to ensure more effective treatment and to make informed decisions about your health and the health of your baby via the National Screening Programmes.

To contact the Community Midwives to arrange care please contact on the relevant email address below.

St Peter's, Maldon


St Michael's, Braintree


Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford


Remember to include the following information when you contact us:

Full name

NHS Number (if known)
Date of Birth
Telephone Number
Mobile Number
Your Doctors name, Your Doctors address
What was the first day of your last period?
Is this your first baby?  Have you previously attended one of our hospitals?

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Your care will be given by Midwives, obstetricians or a combination in hospitals, midwife led birth centres and community settings. 

These pages provide information for you on:  

  • The types of care offered during pregnancy and childbirth in providing maternity services

  • Birthing pool facilities

  • The various options you may want to consider during pregnancy e.g. the team who gives your care and where you have your care

  • Up to date health information and advice for your pregnancy and birth

  • How to get the most out of the care you receive.


If you are having a baby, or thinking about becoming pregnant, you will want to know and think about the types of care offered by our maternity services.

Accessing Maternity Care 

Following your positive pregnancy test you can now contact your Midwife directly by telephoning 01245 362305 (answerphone available) or click the link opposite (under contact Community Midwives) to contact a Midwife, put your answers to the questions on the email and send to the midwives, they will contact you to arrange your booking.

Maternity care is based on a system that focuses on women and their family, informed by your needs. All women in our care have access to primary maternity care services, which provide the basis for referral to other levels of maternity service. Across all levels of care, midwives, obstetricians and GPs work together to ensure all women have access to, and experience safe, satisfying maternity care. There are three levels of maternity service: 

Midwife Led Maternity Services 

Midwife led care is available for women who experience an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth, and do not require ongoing specialist supervision or intervention. The service providers in this level are usually midwives, although GP's may also participate in providing maternity care in some locations. 

Consultant Led Maternity Services 

This maternity service is for women who have or develop complications and require a doctor to see them during pregnancy or birth. Women are referred for medical care, provided at the same hospital or through transfer to another hospital during pregnancy or labour. Midwives are still involved, both during the antenatal period and in providing continued clinical care in labour and the postnatal period.  We offer vaginal birth after caesarean with dedicated midwife clinic to advise and support you to obtain a normal birth.

Tertiary Maternity Services 

Tertiary services are for women and babies with complex and/or rare medical conditions, who require a team of specialist care. Obstetricians are particularly essential in providing tertiary level care, with midwives still involved in providing continued clinical care, during labour and the postnatal period. Mid Essex has three hospitals that provide specialist maternity services.

Movements matter

The #movementsmatter campaign, launched on 24 October 2016, challenges dangerous myths about baby movement during pregnancy, and urges mums-to-be to follow current recommendations about what to do when they experience a change in their baby's movements. The campaign is supported by NHS England and Kicks Count.


Stop smoking

Many smokers who want to quit aren’t sure where to turn, but getting advice and support from our friendly expert team will mean you are up to 4 times more likely to quit for good!


We're here to help you quit.

In 2015/16 around 1 in 10 pregnant women in Essex were smokers at the time of having their babies, this is around 1,500 women.


If you are smoking and pregnant, protecting your baby from tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to give your child a healthy start in life. It can be difficult to stop smoking, but it’s never too late to quit and we are here to help.


For local and FREE stop smoking services visit provide, who will help you start your smoke free journey.




Mid Essex Hospital Trust Statement re Bounty

We have recently been contacted by women expressing concerns over the findings of the Mumsnet Survey which reviewed the practice of Bounty within Maternity Services in NHS organisations.

The survey outlined issues related to Bounty described as: invasion of privacy, sharing of personal data, and the use of commercial sales representatives on postnatal wards.

Mid Essex Hospital Trust has had a Distribution Agreement with Bounty since 2006.  All employees of Bounty work closely with the midwives on the postnatal ward and ensure they maintain the dignity and respect of the women using our service.  They provide a discreet service within this specific ward area and will not visit women immediately after the birth.

The Head of Midwifery acknowledges the concerns raised by Mumsnet and will continue to closely monitor the provision of the service by Bounty on the postnatal ward.  Should you have any questions or comments regarding Bounty or any other area of our maternity services please do talk to a member of our maternity team who will be happy to assist.

Update October 2018: The Trust has implemented an opt-out card scheme, where women will be given the option not to be contacted by Bounty should they so wish.

Please click here to download the card. The card will also be available on the wards.

Mid Essex - Live Well in Pregnancy Guide for Expectant Mothers


To contact Community Midwives, or to arrange your booking, click on the relevant e-mail below


(Please Note : The email link is only to arrange your first booking appointment with a midwife. It is not to be used if you have a problem or need to see a midwife urgently.  In such cases please contact your GP or, if you have been booked, your community midwife via the telephone contact numbers she has given you)

Transfer of Care:

Have you received maternity care for this pregnancy from a different Hospital/Trust?

If yes – please advise of hospital name/location or Trust name


St Peter's, Maldon



St Michael's, Braintree


Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford



Remember to include the following information when you contact us :

  • Full name:
  • Previous surname(s):
  • NHS Number (if known):
  • Address:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Telephone No.
  • Mobile No.
  • Your Doctors name
  • Your Doctors address
  • What was the first day of your last period?
  • Is this your first baby?
  • Have you previously attended one of our hospitals?


Thank you for contacting us

(Trust Disclaimer : You are most welcome to use this email service, however , the Trust will not be held responsible for any loss of patient identifiable data that might occur during the transit of the request email and its reply, as you will necessarily be using a non-secure email facility.  Therefore if you use this facility we will consider that you have consented to accept the potential risk.)


Download, complete and send back to our maternity secretaries this maternity services referral form.