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Maternity Services - Bounty Opt Out

Bounty Opt Out
Bounty Opt Out

Mid Essex Hospital Trust Statement re Bounty

We have recently been contacted by women expressing concerns over the findings of the Mumsnet Survey which reviewed the practice of Bounty within Maternity Services in NHS organisations.

The survey outlined issues related to Bounty described as: invasion of privacy, sharing of personal data, and the use of commercial sales representatives on postnatal wards.

Mid Essex Hospital Trust has had a Distribution Agreement with Bounty since 2006.  All employees of Bounty work closely with the midwives on the postnatal ward and ensure they maintain the dignity and respect of the women using our service.  They provide a discreet service within this specific ward area and will not visit women immediately after the birth.

The Head of Midwifery acknowledges the concerns raised by Mumsnet and will continue to closely monitor the provision of the service by Bounty on the postnatal ward.  Should you have any questions or comments regarding Bounty or any other area of our maternity services please do talk to a member of our maternity team who will be happy to assist.

Update October 2018: The Trust has implemented an opt-out card scheme, where women will be given the option not to be contacted by Bounty should they so wish.

Please click here to download the card. The card will also be available on the wards.