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Antenatal and Newborn Screening

Your baby will be offered some screening tests during your antenatal period and in the first week weeks of babies life.


At Booking

When you are booked by a midwife, whether in a hospital environment or in the community, she will talk you through the screening pathways in the first instance.

She will give you a booklet entitled “Screening Tests for you and your baby” which Is very informative and will answer most questions.  There is lots of useful information and good links to find further information.

Your midwife will complete page 32 of the hand held notes or Antenatal Care record.

This is your chance to accept or decline the tests listed below and discuss with your midwife any worries or further questions.

If your midwife is unable to answer your questions she may refer you to or contact the Screening Midwife on your behalf (details found below)


Postnatal Screening

When baby is born they will be offered a Newborn Infant Physical Examination this will be carried out by a doctor or midwife within 72 hours of birth.  See your screening booklet for further information.

 When your baby is between 5 and 8 days old they will be offered a Newborn Bloodspot.  This is to test for varies rare conditions.  See page 62-68 of you screening booklet.  A midwife will visit you at home or if baby is still in hospital it will be done there. 


What tests am I offered?

1.       Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia, Page 6-11 of the screening booklet

2.       Screening for Infections, page 12-15 of the screening booklet  

3.       Downs Syndrome, pages 16-31 of the screening booklet

4.       Anatomy Scan, page 32-42 of the screening booklet


What tests is my baby offered?

1.       Newborn Infant Physical Examination (NIPE), pages 44-49

2.       Newborn Bloodspot (Heel Prick Test), pages 62-68


Further information can be sort at any Antenatal or Midwife appointment at any point if you are not sure of any results, or have any questions please make use of the contact details below.
Do I pay? 

The NHS Newborn Screening program ensures all parents are offered screening for their new child within the first few weeks of life. It is a core service within the NHS in England and part of the family of Antenatal and Newborn Screening Programs. The screen is free of charge.


The Team 

The screening team consists of:

Nicky Leslie –Specialist Midwife, Screening Lead

Sarah Iskander – Deputy Screening midwife

Rachel Palmer – Deputy Screening Midwife

Hannah Neal – Failsafe Officer / Admin


Working Hours 

Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford
9pm to 5pm (Monday to Friday)


Contact Details

If you have any further Questions please do not hesitate to call 01245 362305 or email Hannah.Neal@meht.nhs.uk ensuring you tell us the nature of your enquiry your full name and DOB and hospital number if you know it.


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