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Antenatal Workshops

Mid Essex Hospital’s Maternity Service offer you a range of services during your pregnancy. Antenatal workshops can help you to prepare for your baby’s birth and learn how to look after and feed your baby. Additionally, they are an excellent way to meet other mothers-to-be from your local area. They can help you to stay healthy during pregnancy, and give you confidence and information.


Antenatal workshops run on a booking process and demand is high, so please ensure you book from 20 weeks of pregnancy. Please be aware that all of our classes are the same content so you can book your classes at any of our hospitals.


Broomfield Hospital

Bromfield Hospital currently provides an antenatal programme which covers 3 evening sessions over a month period. These programmes run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays; and include 3 workshops. These workshops are run in groups of 8 and facilitated by a named midwife over 2 hour sessions from 06:00pm - 08:00pm.

Broomfield Hospital also holds a Saturday workshop once a month tailored for women and their birthing partner whom can not attend the midweek programme. This session is held from 09:30am - 03:00pm.

To book upon these sessions or more information contact 01245 362305.


WJC Midwife-led Unit

WJC in Braintree run an all day workshop programme every Saturday from 09:00am to 03:30pm. WJC also offer smaller midweek workshops within the local children’s centres. As well as the antenatal workshops WJC run a tour of the unit every Wednesday at 07:00pm.

To book upon any of these workshops contact 01245 362305.


St Peters Midwife-led Unit

St Peters in Maldon run an all day

antenatal workshop every Saturday from 09:00am – 04:00pm.

For more information and to book upon the Maldon antenatal workshop contact

01245 362305.


Infant feeding workshops

You are invited to attend an infant feeding workshop which aims to enable you to make an informed decision about your chosen method of feeding. Within the three workshops across Mid Essex they will include information on how to get feeding off to a good start within the early days.



Our Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife holds an infant feeding workshop on Mondays at Broomfield hospital from 06.00pm – 08:00pm.

To book upon this workshop contact Antenatal clinic on 01245 362305.


St Peters

St Peters in Maldon run an infant feeding workshop on Mondays from 06:00pm- 08:00pm, For more information or to book upon this session contact 01245 362305.


William Julien Courtauld (WJC)

WJC in Braintree run their breastfeeding workshop over two sessions. For more information or to book upon the two day workshop contact 01245 362305.

Prior to going home you will be given support to ensure you feel confident with feeding your baby and you are able to recognise that the baby is feeding effectively. Where to seek further infant feeding support will be discussed.


Vaginal birth after a caesarean (VBAC) workshop

We recommend what all women who have had a previous uncomplicated caesarean should plan for a VBAC unless otherwise recommended by your consultant. We encourage you to attend our VBAC workshop which will explain more about VBAC and information on a vaginal delivery. Our classes are held every month.

For more information or to book contact Antenatal Clinic on 01245 362305.


Relaxation classes

These classes are available on either Monday or Tuesday afternoons, between 1.30 to 3.00 pm and located in the maternity training room on the Maternity Unit at Broomfield Hospital from 34 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

These sessions are very popular and early registration is recommended. The sessions can be booked via the physiotherapy department on 01245 514198. They are also an excellent way to meet other mothers-to-be from your local area the emphasis is on preparing for labour and exercises for the initial postnatal period: active birth positions; breathing awareness; relaxation techniques appropriate; active exercises.