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Supervision of Midwives

What is a Supervisor of Midwives?

Supervisors of midwives are experienced midwives who undergo additional education and training and are appointed by the Local Supervising Authority. 

Within Mid Essex there are 15 Supervisors of Midwives

  • Paula Hollis 

  • Christine Berner   

  • Denise Gray

  • Karen Bartholomew

  • Roslyn Bullen-Bell

  • Sarah Dunn

  • Carole Hughes

  • Alison Cuthbertson

  • Gemma May

  • Angela Woolfenden

  • Nano Onyinah


What do we do?

The purpose of supervision of midwives is to protect women and babies by actively promoting excellence in midwifery care.

Supervisors of midwives have a responsibility to promote childbirth as a normal physiological event and to work in partnership with women; creating opportunities for them to engage actively with maternity services.

Supervisors also have a role in advising and supporting women who use maternity services; advocating for the right of all women to make informed choices and providing additional advice to women who are experiencing difficulty in achieving care choices.

Supervisors ensure that women influence the development of maternity services and also that midwifery care is responsive to local needs.


How can we help?

The supervisory team is committed to the provision of a maternity service that is sensitive and responsive to the diverse needs of the local population. 

You can contact a supervisor to discuss any aspect of your maternity care as Supervisors of Midwives are available 24/7 for guidance and support.

How do I contact a Supervisor of midwives?

Phone the hospital switchboard: 01245 362000 and ask for the on-call “Supervisor of Midwives”.

Alternatively contact your own midwife for more information and support


Philosophy of Supervision

Our philosophy provides a framework on which a strategy is built and reflects the shared vision of the team of Supervisors of Midwives (SOM) working within Mid Essex Hospitals. Each midwife within Mid Essex has a named Supervisor of Midwifes whose aim is to support and provide guidance to midwives to enable confident and competent practitioners, proving evidence based midwifery care, which is individualised and which is to an excellent standard.

The aim of statutory supervision of midwives is to safeguard and enhance the quality of care for the childbearing woman and her family. Mid Essex Supervisors of Midwives are committed to providing both professional leadership and an equitable maternity service that is woman focused, sensitive and responsive to the diverse needs, beliefs and values of the local population


Other information

The role of the supervisor of midwives is complementary to but different from the role of the midwifery manager.

For The Local Supervising Authority guidelines and information visit www.midwife.org.uk