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Midwifery Studies

C-STICH: The Cerclage Suture Type for an Insufficient Cervix and its effect on Health outcomesStudy 

Area: Maternity

Aim: For women who are planned to receive a cervical suture/cerclage between 12 and 22 weeks of pregnancy, we aim to assess which type of thread is the most effective at preventing miscarriage/preterm birth, and improve outcomes for mother and baby.

Who can participate: Pregnant women between 12 and 22 weeks gestation, who have planned with an Obstetrician to receive a cervical suture/cerclage in pregnancy.

Phoenix: Pre-Eclampsia in Hospital: Early Induction or Expectant Management

Study Area: Maternity

Aim: To find out whether, in women with pre-eclampsia between 34 and 37 weeks gestation, planned early birth causes fewer complications for the mother and baby, compared to waiting until 37 weeks (unless a serious problem occurs before this time).

Who can participate: Pregnant women aged over 18, between 34 and 37 weeks gestation, singleton pregnancy (or DCDA twins). Not suitable for women for whom a plan for delivery within 48 hours has been made.

The Cleft Collective

Study area: Burns and Plastics / Midwifery

Aim: The aim of The Cleft collective study is to try and understand more about the role that the environment and genetics play in the development of a cleft; about which treatments work best, when and for whom; and about how the parents and the child adapt to the cleft and it’s treatment.

Who can participate: For the Birth Cohort, all children diagnosed (antenatally or postnatally) with a cleft during the period 01/04/2013 – 31/03/2018 and their families will be eligible to participate.  For those children diagnosed with a cleft antenatally Mothers and partners will also be asked to consent to the collection of cord blood after birth..For the Five-year-old Cohort, all children born with a cleft between 01/04/2008 – 31/03/12 and their parents will be eligible to participate.

All families will be eligible regardless of cleft type or the presence of additional conditions/syndromes. For the 5 year cohort, all children diagnosed.

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