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St Andrews - Adult Burns Support Group

The London Burns Support Group meets roughly 4 times a year at present. It alternates between meetings with invited speakers then time for discussion and social events (summer and end of year). The group is open to any adults (16+) who have experienced a burn of any sort and any size at any age and have been treated at any hospital. If bringing family or friends means that you would feel more comfortable coming along then they would also be very welcome.

We recognise that there is no direct link between the size, seriousness or site of a burn and the size of the impact it can have on people’s lives. People tell us that it can be really valuable to meet others with similar (and different) experiences of burns. This group offers a unique opportunity to not only get support from but also to give support to other burns survivors.

It may also be possible to subsidise travel expenses for those who would like to come to the group but are unable to because of the costs. Please feel free to contact Lisa Williams on 020 3315 2504 or email lmwilliams@nhs.net to discuss this further and in confidence.

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