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St Andrews - Patient Information

Consistently High Performance


It has been proven that patients suffering severe burns fare better if they have been treated in a specialist burns unit.  

The purpose-built unit within the hospital provides excellent facilities and the multi-disciplinary approach and fluid teamwork employed at St Andrew’s gives patients every chance of survival and recovery.

Dedicated Research


The surgical team is backed up by a fine, targeted programme of research which, in turn, attracts the very latest treatments to the Centre.

Outstanding Care


Throughout the process, patients receive consistently outstanding levels of care from all nursing and support staff.

Survival Rates


Radical approaches at original surgery provide better chances of survival. The St Andrew’s Burns Centre pursues a policy of total and neartotal excision of full thickness burn wounds in all serious and severe cases. Survival rates have far exceeded all risk analysis predictions. In addition, early intervention and a cohesive multi-disciplinary approach significantly increase chances of survival, particularly for children. The mortality rate for those operated upon within 24 hours has been reduced by 20% for 2003-07 from 1998-2002.

Chances of Recovery


Patients suffering burns recover better if they undergo surgery as soon as possible following their injuries. At the St Andrew’s Burns Centre, almost twice as many patients (in percentage terms) were operated upon within 24 hours of receiving their injuries for the period 2003-07 than for 1998-2002.

Overcoming MRSA bacteraemia


The hospital group has beaten its target by an overwhelming 25% in 2007/8.

Minimising Clostridium difficile


The hospital has also made great progress, having beaten its target by 20% in 2007/8.


Clinical research in this area

Patient Information leaflets

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Patient Information Leaflets