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Support For You And Your Deaf Child

The information in this website has been written by staff from different services and organisations and by parents of deaf/hard of hearing children and the children themselves. It has been produced after consultation with families of deaf children, all of whom expressed a need for more information. We hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

We hope this website will not only be a useful source of information when your child’s deafness is first diagnosed, but will be something you can continue to refer to as your child grows up.

We also hope that it will be useful for friends, relatives and other people who care for your children.


Terms Used on the Website 

Throughout the information you will notice that many different terms are used when referring to a child’s deafness.

Partially hearing
Hearing impaired
Hearing loss

mild, moderate, severe or profound


someone who was born hearing but has lost some hearing   

Deaf (using capital D)

usually refers to people who are sign language users and part of the deaf community

Residual hearing

the amount of remaining hearing that can be used by a partially hearing child      


Useful links to other organisations websites

More and more organisations are using the internet as a way of displaying their services to a vast audience. The internet also provides an opportunity for lively debates on deaf issues and is a useful way of keeping informed about improvements in technology and environmental aids for people who are deaf.

Not all of us have internet access at home, but it is now possible to link into the internet at major libraries. A charge is made for this service (approx £5 per hour). You can pre-book a session. You may have already come across some website addresses in this pack. Below are details of some others.

Royal Association in Aid of Deaf People (RAD) have a website page they’ve named Virtual Deaf Club, supplying up to date news, information and entertainment. There is a kids’ page with competitions, things to do and a notice board advertising anything from job vacancies to holidays.