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Using VitalPAC Here in Mid Essex

New technology helps staff monitor your condition

Having observations taken – pulse, blood pressure, breathing rate and so on – is an everyday event for patients on a hospital ward. But from September 2015 onwards, patients on Surgical and Medical Wards at Broomfield Hospital may notice a slight change to the regular routine. 

Instead of taking your observations and then recording the results on a paper chart which hangs at the end of your bed, nurses on the ward are now entering the information into an Pod touch or iPad

The change is due to the introduction of VitalPAC, an award-winning software system which helps staff quickly and accurately check and record a patient’s vital signs. 

By recording and then automatically analysing them, the system immediately highlights any patient who is becoming sicker and who may be in need of extra attention.

“Our aim is always to give our patients the best care possible,” explains Director of Nursing Cathy Geddes.. “Our patients want to know that, when they come into our hospital, they will be cared for safely, monitored regularly, and that treatment would be given rapidly if their condition became worse. VitalPAC is helping us to do all of those things.”



  • Q. What does VitalPAC stand for? 
  • A. The name VitalPAC stands for Personal Assistant for Clinicians. 

  • Q. What does it do?
  • A. VitalPAC helps doctors and nurses at your hospital deliver safer, more effective care VitalPAC enables doctors and nurses to record patient observations on handheld devices at the bedside, quickly identify signs of patient deterioration and automatically summon timely and appropriate help.

    VitalPAC promotes the delivery of safe and effective care, from the moment a patient sets foot in a hospital to the moment he or she leaves.

  • Q How widely used is it?
  • A. It is in use in over 45 hospitals across the UK. (Most are NHS hospitals, but private hospitals also use VitalPAC.)  It is fully rolled out across the vast majority of these hospitals. It is in use on over 600 wards and is used everyday by over 20,000 clinicians. 

  • Q. Who makes it?
  • A. It was developed by The Learning Clinic a UK healthcare improvement company.  The Learning Clinic worked in close collaboration with NHS clinicians to develop VitalPAC and other healthcare improvement solutions. The Learning Clinic are not a typical software company, rather they are a unique blend of clinicians, engineers,  health improvement specialists and of course technical experts. 

  • Q. Is there any evidence that it delivers improvement?
  • A.  A great deal of evidence is available, including peer reviewed evidence that has been published in Resuscitation Journal and the British Medical Journal. The NHS Technology Assessment Centre has published a review of the technology and its benefits. We are expecting a recent study to be accepted for publication by The Lancet in the near future.