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Doctors Appraisal

Appraisal for Doctors 

A process of appraisal for medical staff has been developed at MEHT both to support our doctors in their personal and professional development and to meet the requirements of the General Medical Council as a cornerstone of the revalidation process.


Who does this apply to? 

  • Consultants

  • SAS Doctors

  • Trust Doctors

  • Fellows


The only doctors not appraised through this system are trainee doctors on a recognised training scheme with a National Training Number who are revalidated via the enhanced ARCP process and their Postgraduate Dean acts as their Responsible Officer.

If in doubt please contact Medical Resources department.



The Trust has trained approximately 50 trained appraisers to provide a reliable and consistent appraisal to all consultants, SAS doctors, Trust doctors and fellows.  The trained appraisers will be the only people able to undertake an approved appraisal for these groups. 

Appraisers will be allocated to you in August each year. You will normally have the same appraiser for 2 years in succession. Please note you cannot request an individual appraiser.

Doctors will not be allocated the same appraiser more than twice in a five year revalidation cycle and must then have a period of at least three years before being appraised again by the same appraiser.

Appraisers do not have to be from the same speciality or discipline as the doctor being appraised.

Appealing Allocation of an Appraiser

The allocation of an appraiser can be appealed by a doctor to the RO using the form available on the Trust website. The RO will respond to the appeal giving their reasons and, where agreed, a different appraiser. Unless there are exceptional circumstances the doctor can appeal only twice for any given appraisal cycle they must accept the final appraiser allocation. Appeals must be received within four weeks of the appraiser allocation


Appraisal and revalidation 

The appraisal process supports the decision of the Responsible Officer (RO) in whether to recommend an individual doctor for revalidation. Appraisals must take place annually, with five appraisals making up a revalidation cycle. 

Medical appraisal reviews your performance in the four domains of Good Medical Practice: 

  1. Knowledge, skills and performance

  2. Safety and quality

  3. Communication, partnership and teamwork

  4. Maintaining trust. 

Download a copy of the GMC's good medical practice framework.


The appraisal process at MEHT 

The appraisal year runs from 1st April until 31st March. Most of our appraisals will occur between 1st October and 31st January. Appraisal remains separate from job planning. 

Supporting information will need to be gathered throughout the year and presented at least two weeks in advance to your appraiser. If you do not have sufficient evidence your appraiser may need to delay your appraisal. This will be assessed on whether it is sufficient to demonstrate good practice, or whether it raises a cause for concern in practice. A formal appraisal meeting will take place. Allow two hours for this meeting.

The appraisal discussion will cover all the work you do as a doctor both within and outside MEHT, paid and voluntary.  There should also be discussion on any areas of practice you are concerned about and would like addressed. The discussion should be both supportive and developmental and should lead to an agreed personal development plan (PDP).


Preparing for your appraisal 

All doctors will be provided with a login to the e-appraisal system, Allocate, when they join MEHT. 

Log in to the system and start gathering your supporting information as early as possible. If you need help you will have a member of the Medical Resources team as your administrator to support you. 

To help you prepare for your appraisal, please see the following documents: 


There is an interactive pre-appraisal checklist available that you may find useful if you are uncertain of the requirements for a given section.


(If you have problems accessing this link, please try the link within the 'Producing a Quality Appraisal at MEHT' document, on page 24).

If you follow the guidance in the “Producing a quality appraisal at MEHT” document you should produce a revalidation standard appraisal.


360 degree feedback 

360 or multi-source feedback is a method of collecting and presenting feedback on an individual's behaviours and performance from people they work with. You should have 360degree feedback twice in every five year revalidation cycle after your first revalidation, and within three years of revalidation. 

At MEHT this is best carried out via the Allocate e360 module. You will need a minimum of 17 responses.


Patient feedback 

Patient feedback is a GMC requirement for revalidation. You should collect patient feedback twice in every five year revalidation cycle. You need a minimum of 34 responses so it is wise to give out more forms then needed and start the excise in plenty of time before your appraisal. 

The Trust provides 2 ways this can be achieved: 

  1. Printout forms from the e-360 section of Allocate and ask staff to hand out and collect from patients e.g. after seeing them in clinic. Alternatively these can be posted out with an explanatory letter and stamped, addressed envelope to return to medical resources. Medical resources can provide address labels to assist with this.

  2. Using iwantgreatcare.org. Cards to hand out to patients are available from Medical resources department. Please note IWGC alone is not sufficient for revalidation – you will need to have patient feedback meeting the GMC requirements – we recommend this is done through Allocate.



Reflection, and in particular documented reflection, is also an important element of the annual appraisal. Doctors will need to reflect on their supporting information and document that reflection, as a way of providing insight on their work and, in turn, informing the appraisal discussion. 

Click here for the reflection template produced by the AoRMC which you may find helpful.


After your appraisal 

Following your appraisal discussion, you will need to have your appraisal summary and PDP signed off within 28 days, otherwise the appraisal will not be valid. 

Once you have agreed and signed off your appraisal please complete the feedback form within Allocate.


New starters 

For Doctors new to UK

You will need to complete an annual revalidation standard appraisal from your starting date within the UK. The first appraisal will usually between 6 and 12 months after starting to allow you time to gather enough supporting information. You will be allocated an appraisal month when you start and your appraisal should take place by the last day of your appraisal month.

For Doctors new to MEHT

If you have completed your annual appraisal with your previous employer you will need to provide details to Medical Resources when you start. This will be uploaded onto the e-appraisal system so it can be reviewed by the RO.

For doctors who have just obtained their CCT your last enhanced ARCP will act as your last appraisal. 

When you have provided your last appraisal/ ARCP details we will allocate your appraisal month. This will be within one calendar year of your last appraisal. You will be able to submit data from your previous employment.

Postponing Your Appraisal

Please note that all doctors should complete an appraisal annually within 9-12 months of the appraisal due date (this is the last day of your appraisal due month).

Postponement of an appraisal can only be agreed with the prior and express permission of the Responsible Officer using the postponement request form.

The Appraisal Lead can be contacted for informal advice before applying for a postponement if needed.

Agreement to postpone an appraisal date will only be given in exceptional circumstances (e.g. prolonged sick leave, maternity leave, sabbatical etc.) and will not lead to a change to the agreed appraisal month for future years.

Normal annual leave is not considered a reason to postpone appraisal.


Medical Resources Department:  

Appraisal and Revalidation Manager: 

Indu Rajasekar

Responsible Officer: 

Dr. Rebecca Martin rebecca.martin@meht.nhs.uk